Start a Jugger Association

The easiest way to start a jugger club is with the help of Sverok.

Sverok is Sweden’s largest youth association for nerds in all forms. Jugger, who comes from a movie, falls under their Fantastik line.

If you have an association under Sverok, you can apply for their youth grant if you have a majority of young people in your association. You can also get lots of other help with how it is possible to have an association, apply for other grants, go to training, etc.

To start an association at Sverok click here:

To be able to open a bank account, apply for a grant and rent premises for training, you need to register your association with the Swedish Tax Agency and the municipality.


Send in this form and you will receive an organization number to be able to open a bank account and apply for a grant.

You can also send in this form which means that you do not have to declare for the next five years.


Once you have received your organization number, you can register with your municipality to be able to book premises for indoor training and the like. On your municipality’s website, there is information on how to proceed. If you have difficulty finding it, call their exchange and ask.