Swedish Jugger Association

Sjufo maintains and develops jugger in Sweden. We manage collaborations with other associations and help and support clubs to spread knowledge about jugger.

This is Jugger

Two teams with five players in each team.

The Runner is the only one who can take the skull and score.

The four enforcers will protect the runner in their team.

The object of the game is to put the skull in the other team’s goal.

The halves or periods are kept in order with the beat of a drum, which also allows players to keep track of the time they are tagged.

The Jugger originated from the 1989 movie “The Blood of Heroes” / “The Salute of the Jugger”.

The Spars

Four enforcers in each team use spars for attack and defense. They can choose a variant of the spars that are available and you will usually find one or two spars that you are more comfortable with.


Spar at a maximum of 200 centimeters. Two-handed grip. A striking surface at each end. Good range.


Chain with ball at one end that is a maximum length of 320 centimeters. Good offensive.


Spar that is a maximum of 180 centimeters. Two-handed grip. A striking surface and a surface for blocking only.

Short sword & shield

Spar of max 85 cm and a shield or the combination two short swords. The shield is only used defensively.


Spar at a maximum of 140 centimeters. Two-handed. Good spar for beginners.