About Jugger

Jugger is originally from the 1989 American-Australian movie, “Blood of Heroes” / “Salute of the Jugger”. Written and directed by David Webb Peoples including Rutger Hauer, Joan Chen and Vincent D’Onofrio in the roles. The film version of the activity has inspired games in various forms, but the development of the activity we call Jugger today took place in Germany and a little later in Australia. Jugger, which can almost be described as a combination of rugby and fencing, and which is also mentioned as a sport for those who do not consider themselves part of any other sport, has since increased in popularity and is now played in several countries around the world.

The first international tournament took place on May 20 2007 in Hamburg, Germany between the Irish team Setanta and a number of northern German teams. The following year, teams from Australia joined to participate in the first Open German tournament.

Jugger came to Sweden with the player Ruben Wickenhäuser. With the support of the local sports association Järnboås IF, the activity gained a foothold. From there it has spread in the country. Look under Find teams to see the active teams today.

Järnboås is also the birthplace of the country’s first international Jugger tournament Järnsvenskan.

The film’s plot

It is a dystopian future where war has left the earth scorched and hard. The only joy people have is a sport, known as “The Game”. Traveling teams challenge cities’ teams in the sport, if they win they get prize money. “The Game” is played by five players in each team trying to place a dog’s head on the opponent’s goalpost. An unarmed player runs with the skull while his teammates try to protect him.

However, not everyone lives the hard life on the surface. Under the ground there are nine cities with superior wealth that have their own league, The League. The goal of every traveling band of players is to become good enough to be able to take their place in the league. Sallow (Rutger Hauer) has previously played in the league but was kicked out. He now leads a team of Dog-Boy (Justin Monjo), Mbulu (Delroy Lindo), Big Cimber (Anna Katarina) and Young Gar (Vincent D’Onofrio). After picking up player Kidda (Joan Chen), Sallow is convinced by her and Gar to try to lead the team into the league.

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