Swedish Jugger Association

How we work

Sjufo, the Swedish Jugger Association, works with everything related to jugger in Sweden and has contact with other countries that practice the game through the International Jugger Council, IJC (International Jugger Council).

We on the board work to develop the rules, ensure that our members have the opportunity to keep in touch with each other via our social media, update the website, co-arrange the Swedish Championships. We also take care of the loan equipment that associations and clubs can borrow until they have built their own spars and goal mounts.

If you want to know more about jugger, you can contact us, we also know where jugger is practiced in Sweden and can help you get started.

We have good contact with both Studiefrämjandet and Sverok, if you are interested in starting an association or arranging a workshop around jugger.

Association Board of Trustees

Isa Blomberg
Active in Umeå Osport
Lisa Karlsson
Active in Jugger Lindesberg
Rickhard Nilsén

Active in Hunters

Dennis Arkanius
Extra Alternate
Active in Hunters
Sara Hjalmars
Commissioner Northern Norrland
Active in Umeå Osport
Jonas Hagman
Commissioner Svealand

Active in Järnboås Järnfalkar

Johan Viklund
Alternate Commissioner Northern Norrland
Active in Umeå Osport
Cecilia Lundmark
Alternate Commissioner Svealand
Active in Jugger Lindesberg
Martin Karlsson
Nominating Committee
Active in Jugger Lindesberg
Alexander Lindén
Nominating Committee
Active in Örebro Jugger
Wadoud Ståhl

Active in Umeå Osport