Rules of the Game

Complete regulations can be found here (in Swedish).

Below you have a simplified review of the rules.


  • A team consists of 5-8 players. 1 runner, 4 enforcers (players with spars) and 0-3 substitutes.
  • Only the runner can take the skull and gain a point by placing it in the goal. The runner is not allowed to go into physical melee with enforcers or take a spar. In the struggle for the skull, the runners may wrestle to the extent agreed before the match.
  • Enforcers choose 1 of 6 spars: longsword, Q-tip, staff, short sword with shield, two short swords, or chain. A team may have a maximum of one active chain and one active runner, but otherwise it is free to choose spars.
  • Enforcers may not touch or kick the skull. They can move the skull with the help of a spar.
  • When an enforcer hits another player, they become inactive. See “Tagging/ pin” below.
  • The pitch is 40 × 20 meters.

A game

  • A game takes place on a predetermined number of stones, for example. Alternatively in a form of Best of X (eg best of 3).
  • Stones are drum beats at intervals of 1.5 seconds per stone.
  • The game is ready to start when:
    • The skull is in the middle of the pitch.
    • The goals are centrally located two meters in front of each team’s baseline.
    • The teams are ready behind their baseline on the pitch’s short sides.
  • The game starts when the referee gives the start signal “3-2-1 Jugger!”.
  • After scoring, the skull is placed in the middle again. The teams return to their respective baselines and wait for a new start signal.


  • The runner scores a point when the skull is placed in the goal.

Tagging/ pin

  • A touch with a spar is a tag. Tagging on the head is invalid, on the hands it is invalid except for the chain and runner.
  • Double: If two enforcers get a valid tag at the same time, both shout “Double!” and go into idle mode. Occasions where it is unclear which tag was first also count as a valid double.
  • For chains, tag applies when the ball touches another player or if the chain goes around a body part of another player.
  • When tagged, the player goes down on one knee and places a hand behind the back. The spar is placed next to the enforcer on the ground and only one hand may touch it. This position is held under 5 stones; if the player is marked by the chain under 8 stones. Each stone are clearly counted with the fingers of the hand placed behind the back. After 5/8 stones the player can get up and continue playing.
  • Pin: An enforcer can pin (lock) an inactive player by placing the spar on any part of the opposing players tagable area. A pinned player can not get up even if they have finished counting all stones, if the pinning is broken, the pinned player must wait until the next stone before being active in play again.

Spars and security

  • The spars are to be built according to information found here
  • Spars needs to be padded well so that they can not harm other players.