Wadoud Ståhl

What’s your name?
Wadoud Ståhl

What is your board assignment?

Do you have a nickname in the jugging world and how did you get it?
Papa Smurf. I got it after Största Storspoven Swedish Championship in Jugger which was last summer, after having happened to dress a little too red.

What spar or player position do you have?
Primary Chain and also Staff

Do you have any goals and ambitions with jugger?
Right now partly to improve my visibility with the chain, but also to shorten my recovery. And to actually construct my mannequin/ target to practice on, preferably before the summer. Last but not least, I want to practice more on a stick, and make my “Rhino stance” work better.

Is there a special Jugger event you want to participate in?
Swedish Championship is what I look forward to most right now. Then I might have liked to participate in WCC, but I’m not so sure at the moment

Why is your heart burning for Jugger?
Because it’s fun! I get to move, cooperate in teams, and develop. In addition, there is such an enormous emphasis on fair play, which I really like personally. I have a lot of friends I would never have met if it were not for Jugger.

What do you do besides Jugger?
Alot! Larping (especially contemporary urban fantasy horror), playing role-playing games (all sorts of genres), reading, and so much more! I also like to exercise in general and lie and cuddle with my cat.

How can we get in touch with you?
Easiest via email, or on Facebook (write to me on messenger simply)

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