Sara Hjalmars

What’s your name?
Sara Cecilia Hjalmars

What is your board assignment?
I’m the Commissioner of Northern Norrland

Do you have a nickname in the jugging world and how did you get it?
Have more or less succeeded with my plan – on my team jersey it now says Snap 7

What pomp or player position do you have?
During the past year, I have mainly tried to improve my Q-tip playing and think it went quite well. Have tried as the runner but I discovered that I’m not that good at tackling (strangely enough!)

Do you have any goals and ambitions with jugger?
To keep playing and to get my kids to do the same! I want even more people to have the opportunity to try and maybe get caught up in Jugger and have dragged with me all sorts of loose people to training and some of them have continued to come.
Of course, I also want to continue to develop both individually and with the team.

Is there a special Jugger event you want to participate in?
If it only came to the will, I would say – everyone! Unfortunately, I do not really have that opportunity, but I want to get away with as many as possible that take place within an affordable distance.

Why is your heart burning for Jugger?
It’s so much fun and can lift the spirits of both me and the kids if any of us have a worse day. It probably depends largely on those we play with – I have rarely gotten to know such glorious people! Also the fact that me and the children (born 07 and 14) can play in the same team and that everyone is allowed to participate according to their own conditions makes jugger unique and wonderful!

What do you do besides Jugger?
I work as a regular adult. As a dentist at the public dental care. I like to dig, preferably to plant things because it is such a satisfaction to see plants grow and eat home grown food. I like board games of most kinds and have recently (on time!) Learned to play Magic. Then I entertain my children in all those ways that are needed and try to imprint various wisdom in their heads when I access and remember.

How can we get in touch with you?
Discord or Messenger.

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