Rickhard Nilsén

What’s your name?
Rickhard Nilsén

What is your board assignment?
I’m the Secretary of the Association.

Do you have a nickname in the jugging world and how did you get it?
I have slightly different nicknames in different places. Most people call me Link or Rick. Link was a name that Hunters gave me, with the motivation that I “am a weapon master and can use any spar, just like Link can use all forms of weapons”. I got the nickname Rick when I was at a tournament in Spain, some had a hard time saying my full name so it became Rick instead.

What pomp or player position do you have?
I play all positions. My main position is usually chain since I played the longest with it. But I usually have a flexable role, so I take the place that the team needs at the moment.

Do you have any goals and ambitions with jugger?
It’s a hard question. I have had many different goals during the time I played. Some of them I have achieved and others I probably still strive for. My biggest ambition with jugger is above all to make the community grow, I want to play against more players and meet new people. That’s probably my big goal.

Is there a special Jugger event you want to participate in?
I do not know, I want to participate in most events that exist, where jugs exist. I have been to all sorts of events so far and they are all amazing in different ways. I’ve been to the Czech Republic’s crazy cool stadium in Brno. Experienced beach jugger in Latvia. Filled to bursting point on Tortilla Española cooked in 14 different ways in Spain. Danced on a mud-soaked plane to the brief moment of sunshine we got in Germany. Experienced Temple bar jugger in Ireland. There are many places I still want to visit. But as long as Jugger is played and our wonderful community is there, then I want to be there!

Why is your heart burning for Jugger?
For the community. Having such a genuine genome community combined with an activity where I always have the opportunity to develop, both physically and mentally, is invaluable. To meet all the wonderful people, learn together and rejoice together in the community. That’s why I love Jugger.

What do you do besides Jugger?
Planning… heh. Right now I am studying to be a Cultural Analyst at Umeå University. I like to play with all kinds of games, both digital and analog. I play a lot of role-playing games, board games and computer games at the moment. I find it easy to get involved in things and like to cave in a little too much. This means that my non-profit involvement often takes up a lot of space in my life, which I like!

How can we get in touch with you?
Discord works best.

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