Lisa Karlsson

What’s your name?
Lisa Karlsson

What is your board assignment?
I’m the Cashier.

What pomp or player position do you have?
I started with the Longsword and now I’m starting to understand the Chain.

Do you have any goals and ambitions with jugger?
I will always defend the heart of Jugger. The community we have built and which will hopefully grow. Then it is clear that I want to be able to run faster, jump higher, etc. but above all have fun.

Is there a special Jugger event you want to participate in?
I’m super pepper at WCC this summer. It will be the first tournament abroad and a challenge in many ways for me. Woop Woop!

Why is your heart burning for Jugger?
I was invited to a Jugger practice as a relatively “newcomer” in Lindesberg. There I met some of the coolest people I know.
The Spars were cranked in a sometimes coordinated chaos and they seemed to have found their thing as well. With a borrowed spar in hand, I decided every now and then that they would become my friends and they have had to live with that ever since.
Several years have passed since then and the warmth I was met with has only grown in communion with the wonderful personalities who play Jugger.

What do you do besides Jugger?
I study and work as a primary school teacher. Then the free time is spent with games in different forms, long walks and commitment in different forms. Like here.

How can we get in touch with you?
Preferably Discord.