Cecilia Lundmark

What’s your name?
Cecilia Lundmark

What is your board assignment?
Alternate Commissioner of Svealand

Do you have a nickname in the jugging world and how did you get it?
I started playing jugger a few months ago so I have not had time to get or take a nickname yet.

What spar or player position do you have?
Lonsword is the spar I have had time to get acquainted with so far

Do you have any goals and ambitions with jugger?
My ambition with Jugger is to continue to develop on the field and try more spars.

Is there a special Jugger event you want to participate in?
I hope to be able to participate in as many jugger events as I can! It’s great fun to meet all the amazing people and just get to play lots of jugger!

Why is your heart burning for Jugger?
Jugger is a great fun sport with lots of warmth and community. In Jugger, teams are not divided according to age or gender, etc. everyone plays in the same team on the same terms. I think it is fantastic fun and nice!

What do you do besides Jugger?
I am studying to be a nurse and my goal is to become a midwife. I hang out with family and friends.

How can we get in touch with you?
Discord or Messenger is the easiest way to get hold of me