KFUM Örebro Jugger


Area: Örebro

KFUM Örebro Jugger trains Jugger together with people of all ages and genders. We have the association in collaboration with KFUM so that the coaches can get more help with several things that can be time consuming, such as the practicalities like bookings and finances.

This is recommended for those who want to run a club or team but who find it difficult with all the paperwork that is added.

We are two coaches who collaborate with the training and right now we have two teams in Örebro that we train with.

We currently have about 10-12 participants in our training and we welcome new ones who want to test.

Both coaches played Jugger in another place first, Lindesberg, and wanted to be able to train in a place closer to home so we started our own association and joined forces with KFUM to solve the practicalities. We currently train at Rosta Gärde outdoors and in Rostahallarna indoors. At the moment we do not have a logo or shirt color but it will come.

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