Jugger Lindesberg


Area: Lindesberg

Jugger Lindesberg is an umbrella association that gathers juggler players both in and outside Lindesberg municipality.

The association is the result of a growing juggernaut community. It started with the team Juggerklubben Bergslagstrollen and then grew and developed.

Opportunities are created here to train both indoors and outdoors. Then it is up to the members what they want to do more and membership initiatives are plentiful in various forms. Tournaments have been arranged and participated in. Pompoms have been built and repaired, above all they have been cranked in different parts of Sweden but also outside the country.

One Järnfalk (Iron Falcon) became a flock. They flew out of Bergslagen’s forests on wings of joy and inspiring jugger spirit. In Lindesberg, the curious Ogres of Bergslagen snuck out of their holes when they heard the falcons’ wingbeats. Spars were released from its claws and picked up by forest-colored fists. Sparring was done in clearings and on meadows. Soon the ogres would join the falcons in spreading the jugger spirit further.

Martin Karlsson

Kalle Burbeck